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My granddaughter and I have been in one of Marianna Wise's Music Together groups for about a year and half and every class has been pure pleasure!  Marianna's love of children, cheerful demeanor, knowledge of music and ability to keep the class on track combine to make the class the highlight of our week. My granddaughter, now two, loves her "songs" and asks to hear them both at home and in the car. I often hear here singing them to herself when she goes down for her nap.    


Music Together is a high-quality program for children and those who love them, and Marianna is a splendid teacher.  Go have fun!

Linda McCormick

Washington, DC


Marianna engages even the youngest of students in the wonderful Music Together songs. She breaks down the sounds and beats and uses movement, instruments, and pictures to draw the children in to the world of music. My daughter was enthralled with the class experience and the CD from class that we played in the car over and over! What a special experience!

Julie Schuman

Bethesda, MD


My daughter and I recently finished our first Music Together class with Marianna and we were sad to have the session come to a close. My little girl was the youngest of the class and Marianna kept her engaged from day one. She helped us find ways to enjoy the music and activities at her own pace. We enjoyed the music in class, at home, and in the car and witnessed tremendous growth. By our last class, our girl was standing and dancing in the middle of the kid's circle. We are excited for our next Music Together class!

Wendy Weiss Eder

Bethesda, MD


I'm a professional Naanny for over 20 years and have been going to Miss Marianna Wise classes for over a year  with the little angel I am taking care now, my little one is about to turn 2 but she loves her music classes and songs. Miss Marianna is so wonderful and engaging with all the kids that  makes them want to participate in all the dancing and to create their own music. Every class is an adventure, always different and fun. She invite to participe all the adults in the dancing and singing too, making a great time for everyone.

I will definitely talk to my boss to make sure we will be back for the next session. 

Pilar Barrios

Silver Spring, MD

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